CSCEC Serves Beautiful China Construction |Excellent Social Responsibility Case 1


CSCEC Serves Beautiful China Construction |Excellent Social Responsibility Case 1

Recently, the selection results of "China Construction Excellent Social Responsibility Practice Cases" were announced. The Xuzhou Garden Expo Park, the site of the 13th China (Xuzhou) International Garden Expo, built by CSCEC, won the excellent practice case of "environmental responsibility".


Xuzhou Garden Expo Park Creative Park


With the development of society, ecology has put forward new requirements for the development of the construction industry, and green and low-carbon buildings have become an inevitable trend in the development of the industry. CSCEC actively implements the concept of green development, and is designing and constructing 15 buildings in Xuzhou Garden Expo Park (Visitor Service Center, Luliang Pavilion, Comprehensive Pavilion, Theme Hotel, Dangkou Hotel, Child Friendly Center, Room in the Garden - Garden in the Room, In Bamboo Technology Park, Forest Garden, Character House, Ruoli, Juju, Enterprise Pavilion, International Pavilion, Operation Center), the technical advantages of prefabricated buildings in green, low-carbon, ecological restoration and other aspects are brought into play, reflecting the harmony between man and nature Symbiosis concept.


Entrance of Xuzhou Garden Expo Park


CSCEC Xuzhou Garden Expo Park follows the concept of green design and construction, gives full play to its own prefabricated building technology advantages, implements green construction, and restores the ecological environment.

Xuzhou Garden Expo Park is located in Luliang Scenic Area, Xuzhou. The quarrying mouth of the original site of Guishan is a cliff with no grass. The mountain is nearly 90 degrees from the ground. The exposed yellow-brown rocks are intricate and intricate, and the abandoned stones are nearly 1,000 tons. The ecological damage is serious, and there are even hidden dangers of geological disasters.

CSCEC has built a theme hotel and a Dangkou hotel in Quishi Dangkou, Guishan, turning the cliffs and barren rocks into ecological landscapes and eliminating the hidden dangers of geological disasters in Dangkou. The multi-layered spaces of the Dangkou Hotel, such as the viewing platform, cliff walkway, green roof, courtyard, and landscape water surface, bring tourists a variety of experiences such as viewing, climbing mountains, crossing bridges, resting, returning to the garden, and watching the water. The theme hotel introduces water into Dangkou, and the hotel, rock wall and water superimpose each other to form the Tianchi landscape. Nearly 1,000 tons of waste rock, part of which is used to build a Chinese-style pine stone garden; the other part is used to pave steps, turning waste into treasure. Today's Dangkou, broken walls and cliffs have turned into beautiful landscape paintings, restoring the natural landscape of Luliang Tourist Scenic Spot and enhancing the urban image of Xuzhou.


Xuzhou Garden Expo Park Dangkou Hotel


Xuzhou Garden Expo Park Operation Center

CSCEC gives full play to the technical advantages of prefabricated buildings, applies new systems and new technologies, and realizes green construction.

The main building of the theme hotel adopts a steel-concrete frame structure system, the vertical components use concrete columns that are exempt from on-site welding, and the horizontal components use steel structural beams to reduce the self-weight of the components. The operation center adopts an integrated construction mode. The steel components of the main part of the steel frame structure system are produced in factories, which are green and environmentally friendly; the partition walls are made of ALC walls, which are light in material and have good thermal insulation performance, achieving warm in winter and cool in summer. Lvliang Pavilion adopts a steel frame-concrete core tube structure system. The beams, columns, bucket arches and purlins are all steel structures. The installation reduces formwork and wet work, and construction waste is greatly reduced.

The Garden Expo Park building also uses a number of new technologies such as "sponge city" to achieve water saving, energy saving and emission reduction. The visitor center adopts sponge city planning and design, so that it can absorb, store, seep, and purify water when it rains, and can be "released" for use when needed. A water spray device is installed on the top of the International Pavilion, and the sprayed water curtain cools the roof. The water flows into the corridor through the gutter and steel cable, and flows into the landscape pool for irrigation of plants and flowers, realizing recycling. Dangkou hotels and theme hotels have installed rainwater recovery systems to collect roof rainwater, which is used as a supplementary water source for hotels, and is widely used for greening and road watering.


CSCEC gave full play to the advantages of prefabricated building technology, and completed the green ecological park with a total construction area of ​​300,000 square meters in 9 months with high efficiency and high quality. The 15 buildings saved 20% of water, 43% of materials and cement mortar 52%, reducing construction waste emissions by 68%. From traditional construction to green construction, from cliffs and rocks to landscape paintings, Xuzhou Garden Expo Park won the 2021 Jiangsu Provincial Construction Industry Modernization Demonstration Project, becoming a benchmark project for green construction in Jiangsu Province and a key project driving the green transformation and upgrading of Xuzhou City.

Post time: Aug-29-2021