The World’s First! The first Anniversary of the Efficient and Stable Operation of CSCEC’s “Light Storage Straight Flexible” Building


The World’s First! The first Anniversary of the Efficient and Stable Operation of CSCEC’s “Light Storage Straight Flexible” Building

Abstract: What exactly is "Light Storage Straight Flexible"?


Shenzhen-Shantou Special Cooperation Zone Zhongjian Green Industrial Park

"Light" is to build a distributed solar photovoltaic power generation system in the building area; "storage" is to configure energy storage devices in the power supply system to store excess energy and release it when needed; "straight" is a simple, easy-to-control, transmission High-efficiency DC power supply system; "flexible" refers to the building's ability to actively adjust the power drawn from the municipal grid. Through the superposition and integrated utilization of multiple technologies, the energy-saving and low-carbon operation of buildings can be realized.


"Light Storage Straight Flexible" Office Building

The world's first "optical storage, direct and flexible" building of CSCEC is located in the CSCEC Green Industrial Park in the Shenshan Special Cooperation Zone, with a total of 8 office areas and a construction area of 2,500 square meters.


Solar photovoltaic installation on the roof

On the roof of the office building of more than 400 square meters, a large number of solar photovoltaic power generation devices are laid, which can meet one-third of the electricity consumption of the entire building. At the same time, relying on the energy storage system, excess power can also be stored.


Two-way charging pile for underground parking lot

The parking lot is equipped with a two-way charging pile independently developed by China Construction Technology, which can not only charge new energy vehicles through the energy storage system, but also draw electricity from the car.


Flexible DC Transmission Equipment

The entire office area adopts a low-voltage DC power distribution system, and the voltage is controlled below 48V, which is very safe; printers, air conditioners, kettles, coffee machines, etc. are all flexible DC power transmission equipment independently developed or modified by China Construction Technology. Compared with ordinary equipment, Greatly reduce energy consumption and reduce carbon emissions.

In addition to the above features, the biggest unique feature of the "photovoltaic storage, direct and flexible" building is that the flexible power consumption management system is used to realize the self-regulation and self-optimization of the building's power consumption, which provides an effective solution for alleviating the contradiction between power supply and demand.

CSCEC's "Light, Storage, Direct and Soft" project saves over 100,000 kWh of electricity every year, saves about 33.34 tons of standard coal, and reduces carbon emissions by over 47%, equivalent to planting 160,000 square meters of trees.

Post time: May-31-2022