Future Schools at Shenzhen Biennale


Project  Description

● Project content: 5 styles of schools: X school classroom, Zhongxiang classroom, Maza classroom, Variety classroom, Building block classroom.
● Building floors: 4 floors (partial)
● Building height: floor height 3.5m, total height 14.48m
● Project Features: This project is part of the theme exhibition of the 2019 Shenzhen-Hong Kong Biennale, revolving around the future education model of future schools and the possibility of prefabrication and modular construction in the field of educational architecture. The whole structure is in an open state, each unit module is a complete space, with multiple open links, standard unit modules or multiple modules can be added infinitely, and it can grow infinitely in three dimensions, and the building becomes an infinite space. , flexibly adapt to the needs of different places and functions.

Time 2019 location Shenzhen,China
Number 78 Area 2000㎡