Tips and tricks for maintaining a small house

As in most homes, a comfortable, charming and stylish place to live in the right use of space.  Think of the most comfortable house you've ever lived in. What makes it feel good? What makes it look good?

Pratt Homes, based in Tyler, Texas, learned that many people don't think smaller Homes are an option. Some people feel that they don't have enough living and storage space to store their things. Some people may feel they don't have the option of artisan facilities. However, with the right design and use of space, a small house can be just as spacious, comfortable and elegant as a traditional house. Even better, you can design and move into your turnkey dream home while saving on utilities and other costs. Once you've decided to invest in a small home, what's the next step? Contact your local modular home/small home builder and start discussing designs. Here are some tips and tricks for designing and maintaining a small house:

maintain your tiny house
maintain your tiny house

Consider the design of your small house:

In terms of design, it's good to be proactive and think about how you want your space to feel and make it easy to maintain. When you design a new micro home, modular home, prefabricated home, or prefabricated home, incorporate large Windows into your design if you want to add a sense of space and light. Windows let in plenty of natural light and can make small spaces feel bigger. In addition to including large Windows, using light colours for your paint tray will elevate the feel of the room and make it look bigger. Dark colours make the room feel smaller and more enclosed, while light colours and accents help make the room feel spacious.

Planning storage space for your small home:

Designing your tiny house is all about shrinking your space and adding custom storage options. In smaller Spaces, proper storage makes all the difference. Don't underestimate where you can add extra storage: the garage, kitchen cabinets, beds, and even the floor.

You need to make sure that everything is in its proper place so that there aren't things everywhere. Too much clutter can make a room feel uncomfortable, but incorporating curated storage into the design is an easy solution.

maintain your tiny house
maintain your tiny house

Keep a tidy home:

One of the biggest ways to maintain your tiny house is organization. Design your house with plenty of storage space and plan how to organize the different rooms. Arranging to live in part of a small house usually means downsizing and getting rid of a lot of stuff.  One of the main advantages of downsizing is that it allows you to focus on what you need in your daily life. This is a chance to simplify your life. Ask yourself, do I need to store this? Do I need to make room for this? Do I use/wear this product regularly? Get rid of excess and make room for more living space.

maintain your tiny house

Keep the air in your small house dry and clean:

One key to small house maintenance is keeping your home tidy -- dusting and washing dishes every day, as dust, dirt and debris can quickly accumulate in such a small space.  Tidied up and cleaning a small space is much easier than a large one, but it requires keeping up more often. Having a daily house cleaning and maintenance schedule helps ensure that your tiny home always feels neat, clean and comfortable. If you live in a humid place like East Texas, the careful maintenance of humidity levels is essential for your small home. Hot showers, showering, and even using a dishwasher can quickly cause condensation to build up, and too much regular condensation can lead to mould, mildew, and decay over time. If you find your home feels damp, especially at wetter times of the year, it's best to use a dehumidifier. Be sure to include ventilation fans in the design of your home -- especially in the kitchen and bathroom. Have your heating/cooling equipment inspected and repaired by a professional HVAC technician every two years. It's always a good time to do this before summer and winter. Invest in air filters. Especially if you have pets. In a tight space, if you don't pay attention to the air quality, it will be affected. HEPA filter air purifier is your best choice. A small home has many benefits, one of the biggest being that it's easy and cheap to maintain. If you are ready to enjoy your dream home and a home that is easier and less expensive to maintain, then a small home is the perfect choice for you. Call your local small home/prefabricated home dealer now and start designing!

maintain your tiny house

Post time: Jul-08-2022