Dinosaur-3 Modular Net-Zero Energy Smart Habitat


Project  Description

The first prefabricated modular net-zero energy health integrated house in China, which uses passive technology to reduce building energy consumption and roof solar photovoltaic power generation system to achieve the goal of "net-zero" in terms of building energy conservation, using high-performance thermal insulation walls, steel Structural module thermal bridge technology, modules without thermal bridge treatment and other technologies, the air tightness N50 reaches 0.17. The building decoration renovation uses dry construction, the interior renovation materials use zero-polluting environmentally friendly materials, and more rhythmic lighting, smart home, natural ventilation, natural ventilation and other technologies provide users with a green and healthy home environment.
1. Modular Design     2. Vacuum Insulation Panels     3. Passive Windows and Doors
4. Photovoltaic modules     5. Fresh air system     6. Smart home system


Air Tightness Test


Principles of Solar Photovoltaic System and Site Photos