Modular Public Toilets


Modular Public Toilets

HOMAGIC China Public Modular Toilets Cabin Outdoor Restroom Block Prefab Container Bathroom Modern Style 0304

The modular public toilet provides a safe and clean environment for the people outside. It has all the durability required for a public facing toilet and can be cleaned efficiently as many times per day as required. Homagic develops and manufactures smart public toilets, which are widely used in China, greatly improving hygiene conditions.

Product details

Project Display-Hohhot Public Toilet Project

In terms of public toilets, in response to the country's call to promote the improvement of the living environment and implement the "toilet revolution", 103 integrated public toilets were constructed in Hohhot to help the construction of beautiful villages.

Custom Prefab Retail Store Container House

Brand: Homagic

Size: Customized

Material: Steel

Color: Optional

Place of Origin: Shenzhen, Shanghai

Service life: About 50 years

Design concept: Homagic designed and manufactured integrated public toilets with the original intention of improving urban hygiene and making people’s lives more convenient, insisting on green and sustainable development.
Application: Business, modular hospital, mining camp, traveling, school, various camp

Modular Public Toilets

The appearance is very modern and beautiful, and the internal configuration is complete. It integrates intelligence and humanization to meet the needs of different groups.

The bathroom can be equipped with air conditioner, WiFi, charging port, fragrance spray, mosquito lamp, maternal and child facilities, barrier-free facilities, etc., which greatly improves people's sense of use experience. We offer a bespoke service where you can choose the facility according to your needs.

Homagic independently developed various automatic control systems, including fresh air deodorization system, automatic flushing system, floor cleaning system, fast air drying system, etc. chemical facilities.

Product Display

Custom Prefab Retail Store Container House


Product Details

Customized Modular Home

Product Structure

S.N Component
1 Roof Corner
2 Top Beam
3 Column
4 Color Steel Roof Tile
5 Glass Fiber Insulation Cotton
6 Roof Purlin
7 Color Steel Ceiling Plate
8 Floor Purlin
9 Glass Fiber Insulation Cotton
10 Cement Plate
11 Bottom Sealing Steel Plate
12 Rubber Floor
13 Ground Corner
14 Bottom Beam
15 Wall Plate
 Modern Design Prefab Modular

The main structure adopts cold-formed thin-walled profiles; The integrated top frame and bottom frame are connected to the column by bolts to form a box unit; The enclosure system is a 75mm metal sandwich panel; Modular units can be shipped in packs or full cases.

Manufacturing Capacity

Light Gauge Steel Prefab House


 Light steel structure products are prefabricated in advance, speeding up the production cycle, helping you to undertake projects faster and complete house construction.

Light Gauge Steel Prefab House
Light Gauge Steel Prefab House

It is a form of using advanced and applicable technology, craftsmanship and equipment to pre-manufacture various components of the building by professional factories before construction, and then transport them to the construction site for assembly. Repeated mass production in the factory is conducive to speeding up the construction progress, shortening the construction period, improving the efficiency and quality of the production of components, simplifying the construction site, and achieving civilized construction.

Packaging and Shipping

All accessories will be shipped in containers and the main frame will be shipped by sea. Shipping information includes regular product information, testing information required by customer orders, etc. Please consult customer service staff for details.





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