2022 China Winter Olympics— “Modular Athletes’ Locker Room” With a Sense of Technology


2022 China Winter Olympics— “Modular Athletes’ Locker Room” With a Sense of Technology

The last event of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, the men's gold medal match in ice hockey, was held at the National Stadium, bringing a perfect ending to all the Winter Olympics events. So far, the world's top ice hockey locker rooms, ice making rooms, and knife sharpening rooms built by China Construction have served 30 ice hockey events in the Beijing Winter Olympics. In the subsequent Winter Paralympics. This ice hockey locker room will continue to play an important role.


CSCEC practiced the concept of "green, shared, open and clean" Olympics, and designed and built the Winter Olympics ice hockey locker room. It adopted a new modular construction method, and it took 12 people 15 days to complete the construction.The locker room equipped with seven intelligent systems embodies "black technology". It adopts green, sustainable and recycled building materials. The locker room can be recycled, and the design is more intimate considering the height, sitting position, curve, and rest of the athletes.


locker room passage

Ice hockey player locker room, Set up between the competition hall and the training hall, it covers an area of 2819 square meters and consists of 14 locker rooms. 2 public ice-making rooms and 1 public knife-grinding room. Considering the rest function of athletes, the original venue environment, the conversion of the Winter Olympics and the Winter Paralympic Games, and post-competition utilization, CSCEC adopted the current The latest and most efficient and efficient modular construction method and prefabricated interior system, 8 functional modules are quickly installed like "building blocks". 17 rooms, 12 people in the locker room area in the project venue were built in only 15 days Completion of construction The construction speed is 60% faster than the traditional construction method.

Compared with the dusty, cluttered and noisy traditional construction site, the prefabricated site construction process is more green and environmentally friendly. While forming an independent space for the locker room, the floor, walls and equipment and facilities of the original site are maximized to retain the assembly rate of this locker room. It is more than 95%.


Knife grinding room, dressing room


The interior of the locker room

Ice hockey players are generally tall and need more space for rest after wearing protective gear. CSCEC specially invited experts from the International Ice Hockey Federation to tailor-made for Winter Olympic and Paralympic athletes, and improved the previous locker room design so that each The unit area of each locker room reaches 173 square meters, and the athletes have enough space for rest.

Invite experts from the International Ice Hockey Federation to tailor-made for Winter Olympic and Winter Paralympic athletes (right)


The interior of the locker room

High-tech Just "swipe your face" to find exclusive equipment



Athletes can instantly find their own exclusive equipment by simply "swiping their faces" when entering the locker room. This is the unit space of the robot locker room using the intelligent material cloud platform. Integrated wiring system, cable TV system, security monitoring system including access control, computer Network system data storage system, broadcast audio and video system, intelligent alarm system, seven intelligent systems, and also use the research and development results of China Construction Technology The prefabricated building air-tightness product - China Construction Green Film can withstand fire for more than 1 hour

The sound insulation coefficient can reach 45 decibels.


Beijing Winter Olympics ice hockey locker room

CSCEC also fully considers the full life cycle usage needs of the locker rooms after the Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympics. In the future, the related facilities of the locker room can be used as a business kiosk, exhibition space, etc.It can also be recycled on-site to realize the reuse of Olympic heritage and create new value.


 Coaching room

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