Modular Construction: Initiatives, Technology and the Future Landscape


Modular Construction: Initiatives, Technology and the Future Landscape


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Why Modular Construction Has Grown in Popularity?

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons that project stakeholders  have increasingly turned to modular and prefabricated construction workflows:Fine Margins


Modular construction costs are often lower than traditional construction projects due to fewer resources and less time required to complete a project. Construction lives by the idiom time is money, and any time something has to be retrospectively fixed or changed, that project loses money. The minimal on-site time means that the chances are, reworks and snags are reduced by default. Using field

software alongside the final assembly stage of the project ensures that any snags or issues are resolved as the project moves along, minimising the chance of delays —and therefore unaccounted for costs.

Greener Construction

Technology’s Role in Supporting Modular Construction

Offsite construction is good for the sector’s image. It’s greener, quicker, cheaper, and easier to guarantee consistent quality. Naturally, although efficient, this type of construction could very easily become difficult to track between multiple sites and teams. Just because much of the on-site construction is reduced, doesn’t mean that a modular project is entirely immune to setbacks and delays. There still needs to be cohesion between all of the teams involved.
single  floor prefab  houseWhy whole  Solutions Make Sense For Modular Construction?

What sets apart modular construction from traditional construction is efficiency, but this only reaches its full potential with technology. The reputation of today’s modular construction is built on the foundation of being tech-driven, exciting, and pushing the boundaries of what people thought could be done with “prefab.”

Post time: Jul-29-2022