Smart green construction: uncover the green code and Oriental Aesthetics of “Shenzhen baguang area service center project”


Smart green construction: uncover the green code and Oriental Aesthetics of “Shenzhen baguang area service center project”

Building greening is a part of the world's nature. It is the unremitting pursuit of modern people to embrace nature, find a pure land in the noisy world, live around the mountain, face the sea, blue sky and white clouds, and let the restless heart return to peace.

"Shenzhen baguang area service center project" is the first EPC modular construction project of CSCEC integrated construction company in BaiShaWan Road, baguang village, Dapeng new area, China. The overall design of the project fully considers the overall terrain and environmental advantages, faces the sea and backs on the mountains. Its design comprehensively considers and skillfully integrates the natural environment, modular architecture, Oriental Aesthetics and the concept of government office buildings, so as to create the symbiosis between architecture and green environment A public office where man and nature coexist.


Between such a beautiful blue sea and Cangshan mountains, the use of any color in a large area will be eclipsed and destroy the coordination of nature. Only a touch of white and low-key contrast between mountains and seas is the most perfect choice, realizing the symbiosis and integration of architecture and environment. The two complement each other and complement each other. The architectural structure of white and dark gray makes the whole architectural style more elegant and stable in simplicity. A majestic force is gushing out of the building, and fully implements the office concept of frugal administration.


Abstracting the colonnade of traditional Chinese architecture, six six light gold perforated aluminum plates with a height of six meters stand proudly on both sides of the main gate, such as guards and curtains. Whenever the sunset comes, the building is painted with a layer of gold, which adds an oriental charm to the building, just like a ROC spreading its wings and reaching 90000 miles. The design of perforated aluminum plate named "stars" is full of sense of science and technology.

The building is arranged in a courtyard style inner corridor with two open-air viewing courtyards. Each space is reserved with multiple panoramic floor to ceiling windows and facade openings to ensure the ventilation and lighting of the building to the greatest extent. It is also connected with the outdoor landscape, with a panoramic view of the beautiful scenery outside the window.


The mountain wall paintings outlined in green, the semi hollowed out wood facing of the new Chinese style in the hall, the neat and rhythmic wooden ceiling grille in rows, the simple and simple wooden wall surface, coupled with the unique inner courtyard, make the natural, people-friendly and clean atmosphere permeate the whole space, and the simple and elegant gas field and the quiet and beautiful ecological environment are natural.


The project has a total construction area of 2319 square meters, a total of 36 rooms and 121 sets of customized modules. It is a two-story modular building with a height of 7 meters. The plane layout of the building connects various spaces of different sizes with circular channels, and each space is assembled by a single or multiple modules, which not only meets the layout design of the courtyard style inner corridor of the overall building, but also meets the requirements of the service center for the size of administrative office, enterprise settlement service, project landing service, investment attraction and other office spaces.


The 96 square meter spacious meeting room assembled by multiple modules, the minimalist arc ceiling, simple wood wall and panoramic floor to ceiling window design perfectly show the charm of the module building. The 36 square meter VIP room with clean new Chinese style design, simple and low saturated furniture, coupled with the invincible beauty outside the window, and the exquisite composition are pleasing to the eye.


The 144 square meter staff restaurant assembled by six large modules, the original ceiling grille, the picturesque scenery outside the window, and the combination of warm wood materials and open space make people feel the beauty of nature while enjoying delicious food.


China Construction integrated building uses modular construction technology to complete the prefabrication of module components in the factory, quickly assemble them on site and form a whole building. In only three months, it completed the construction of a service center with complete functions and integrating the concepts of Oriental Aesthetics and green building.

Post time: Jan-12-2019