What do you need to pay attention to when living in an integrated house?


What do you need to pay attention to when living in an integrated house?

Nowadays, more people choose to live in integrated houses, Prefab houses, Container houses and Steel structures Prefabricated is the most popular construction. They have the characteristics of light weight, short construction period, energy saving and environmental protection, and high reusability, see previous articles: Advantages of integrated houses (1). Steel House has become popular worldwide which brings a new question: When people live in integrated houses, how should they improve the living experience and prolong the service life of the house?

living in an integrated house
Steel Structure Prefabricated

 In the process of using the integrated house, residents should pay attention to the following points:

1. Roof tiles for integrated houses are new materials (re: Material usage options for integrated housing), different from traditional tiles that are easily broken, and regular cleaning and maintenance can prolong the overall life of the house.

 2. Do not install wires without permission, or install large electrical equipment. The overall structure of prefabricated houses is made of light steel keels. Metal is conductive, so wires cannot be wrapped around the keel alone. Once there is a leakage of electricity or the wire catches fire, it is easy to cause a safety accident. In the process of building the light steel house, the design team designed the location of various line sockets. And in strict accordance with the pipeline buried, the standard laying of water and electricity, and local equipment. Professional design and safe prefabrication to avoid dangerous situations such as fire.

 3. Do not disassemble and assemble without permission during the design and installation process. Every part of the house is installed and fixed as a whole, disassembled separately, It will change the overall stability of the house, and there is a relative safety hazard. If the occupants want to change the original structure of the house, they need to ask the construction crew to do it.

Advantages of integrated houses

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