Folding Container House


Folding Container House

Folding container house for isolation room has been used in the world, it is the most fast container to use now, it comes with standard electricity , one door and two windows, only 4 minutes to install one container house. Folding container house, refer to houses that have been transformed into containers with windows and doors. Such container houses are commonly used in construction sites as workers’ quarters, and others are used as rental houses, which are durable and easy to set up. Therefore, the container house is also known as the resident container.

Product details

Size:  5800*2440*2620mm
Steel:  Square tube and bending steel plate
Wall:  50mm EPS sandwich panel /rock wool sandwich panel, 0.326/0.376/0.426/0.476mm steel sheet
Wall color:  White color and optional colors
Roof:  50mm EPS sandwich panel /rock wool sandwich panel, 0.326/0.376/0.426/0.476mm steel sheet
Door:  50mm EPS sandwich panel /rock wool sandwich panel, 0.326/0.376/0.426/0.476mm steel sheet with lock /optional doors
Window:  Aluminum sliding door, PVC sliding door with security bar
Floor:  MGO board /optional floor
Decoration wall:  Optional: PVC cladding, WPC cladding
Electricity:  Optional standard
Install Time:  2 workers 8mins
Wind resistance:  Wind speed≤120 km/h
Earthquake resistance:  Grade 7
Snow load capacity of roofing:  0.6kn/m2
Live load capacity of roofing:  0.6kn/m2
Wall permitted loading:  0.6kn/m2
Heat conductivity coefficient:  0.35kcal/m2hc
Delivery time:  About 15-20 working days
Container loading:  8 sets/1*40HQ 

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folding house
folding house

Product Details

Customized Modular Home
folding house

Manufacturing Capacity

Light Gauge Steel Prefab House


 Light steel structure products are prefabricated in advance, speeding up the production cycle, helping you to undertake projects faster and complete house construction.

Light Gauge Steel Prefab House
Light Gauge Steel Prefab House

It is a form of using advanced and applicable technology, craftsmanship and equipment to pre-manufacture various components of the building by professional factories before construction, and then transport them to the construction site for assembly. Repeated mass production in the factory is conducive to speeding up the construction progress, shortening the construction period, improving the efficiency and quality of the production of components, simplifying the construction site, and achieving civilized construction.

Packaging and Shipping

All accessories will be shipped in containers and the main frame will be shipped by sea. Shipping information includes regular product information, testing information required by customer orders, etc. Please consult customer service staff for details.




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