Light steel structure house villa


Light steel structure house villa

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HOMAGIC 2022 New Design Light steel structure house villa prefabricated house building a light steel prefab home. Prefabricated steel frames are an often-used structure to build a manufactured home. Steel frames are durable and easy to manufacture in factories, thus making them ideal for modular homes and transportation.

Prefabricated steel frame homes are rapidly growing more and more popular and taking their rightful place as critical choices for home builders who want secure and efficient homes. Building a prefab steel frame home is relatively easy when ordering a kit customized to your preferred design.

The steel frame pieces fit tight tolerances that ensure a secure framework. The kit can include insulated panels pre-wired for electricity. You get all the necessary framing materials and panels needed to build your home on your chosen site.

Light steel structure product features:

1. Seismic resistance of light steel residential buildings: Because of the light weight of the steel structure building, metal material properties and shear wall structure determines the seismic performance of the light steel structure system of innate. Due to the seismic activity is move up and down, so with the fastening piece even with a light steel structure formed a stable and safe box, not because of the earthquake shaking and collapse of the wall or floor fall endangers personal safety. When the earthquake intensity is 9, it can meet the requirement of not falling down.

2. Light gauge steel residential sound insulation: Sound insulation of wall≥45db; Floor impact sound pressure ≤70db thermal insulation according to the requirement of the world climate, external walls, roof insulation layer thickness can be arbitrarily changed.
3. Wind resistance Wind load can reach 12 typhoons (1.5KN/m2).
4. Light steel residential environmental protection: Eco recyclable steel, wood, and plastic 100% can be recycled.
5. Light steel residential security: permanent buildings and colour Steel sheet house, activity house is essentially the difference. Housing service life reached the requirements of the standard for 50 years.

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Installation and Production-Options for build your own prefabricated home

Light Gauge Steel Prefab House

Housing Frame: Floor Beam, Main Fram, Column, Roof Beam

Exterior wall Display: PVC board, Metallic Decoration Board, Cement Fiber Board,Stone Painting

 Exterior Wall System Structure: The exterior wall system of the light steel house: The exterior wall of the light steel house is mainly composed of a wall frame column, a top beam of the wall, a bottom of the wall beam, wall support, a wall panel and a connecting piece. Light steel villa general will cross wall as bearing wall structure, wall columns for C shaped steel, the wall thickness according to by the load, usually 0.84~2mm, wall and column spacing generally for 400~600 mm, the wall layout of this light steel villa, effectively inherit and reliable transfer of vertical load, and the arrangement is convenient.

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Light Gauge Steel Prefab House
Light Gauge Steel Prefab House

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Light Gauge Steel Prefab House
Light Gauge Steel Prefab House

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Our company has eight production bases in China, and the production plants are all over the country, which can achieve fast production, fast delivery, and nearby delivery. The production equipment is highly intelligent, and our company adopts fully automated production lines to ensure the production efficiency and quality of products.

Customized Product Process

Light steel structure house villa

Professional Design Ability

Our company develops a BIM collaboration platform based on "enterprise cloud", and the design is completed on the platform with "all staff, all majors, and the whole process". The construction process is carried out on our "fabricated intelligent construction platform" with independent intellectual property rights. The platform can realize the joint participation and collaborative management of all parties involved in the construction. Fully meet the "intelligent project management platform" requirements of integrated buildings. Completed the development of "Box House Design Generation Toolset Software" and obtained three software copyrights. The software functions are comprehensive and have high operating efficiency, including "4+1" main functions and 15 special functions. Through the software application, the difficulties of collaborative work in the links of design, production, order dismantling, and logistics have been solved, and the overall implementation efficiency and cross-departmental collaboration efficiency of the box-type housing project have been effectively improved.

The material database is established through the BIM model, combined with the comprehensive management platform, the material procurement plan is formulated according to the construction process and the progress of the project plan, and the material consumption types at each stage of the construction are quickly and accurately extracted, and the basic data support of the BIM model is used as the material procurement and management. Control basis. Material procurement, management and real-name management of workers are realized through the China Construction Cloud Construction online shopping and centralized procurement platform.

Light steel structure house villa

Manufacturing Capacity

Light Gauge Steel Prefab House


 Light steel structure products are prefabricated in advance, speeding up the production cycle, helping you to undertake projects faster and complete house construction.

Light Gauge Steel Prefab House
Light Gauge Steel Prefab House

It is a form of using advanced and applicable technology, craftsmanship and equipment to pre-manufacture various components of the building by professional factories before construction, and then transport them to the construction site for assembly. Repeated mass production in the factory is conducive to speeding up the construction progress, shortening the construction period, improving the efficiency and quality of the production of components, simplifying the construction site, and achieving civilized construction.

Packaging and Shipping

All accessories will be shipped in containers and the main frame will be shipped by sea. Shipping information includes regular product information, testing information required by customer orders, etc. Please consult customer service staff for details.





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