Two story style modular home


Two story style modular home

Modular Prefabricated Customized Outdoor Aluminum Winter Garden Room House Glass Sunrooms Houses Containers Homes

HOMAGIC can help you make your environment a little healthier and greener by creating beautiful garden rooms that will work in any space. can convert its standard shipping units to produce stunning garden rooms that can fit into the dimensions provided by our clients, thus empowering homeowners or companies to add beautiful spaces to their gardens or office grounds. We use high-quality shipping containers made from steel to make garden rooms, so they are just as sturdy and durable as the original units. our converted container garden rooms can last for decades! That’s pretty impressive considering the low cost of installation and minimal need for maintenance. They are also resistant to the cold temperatures common in winter , while also keeping birds and insects at bay. Compared to traditional builds, container conversions offer many distinct advantages, from practicality to aesthetics. They can be made to precise dimensions, so that virtually all available space can be effectively utilised.

Product details

Product Character

Easy to assemble and disassemble

The house can be assembled and disassembled for dozens of times and can be reused many times. And the assembling only needs simple tools without any power source. Plugs and screws are all the needs to connect the pieces of the houses.

Strong structure

It adopts steel frame structure. Thus, it is stable according to the code of building structure.


The steel frame parts are all processed with anti-corrosion coating and it can be used at least for 20 years


The walls and roof are made of color-coated steel sandwich panels which is known for its food heat-insulating and fire proof performance.

Environment protection

The design of the house is reasonable. And it is easy to assemble and disassemble.


The design of the house can be customized.

Product Structure

S.N Component
1 Roof Corner
2 Top Beam
3 Column
4 Color Steel Roof Tile
5 Glass Fiber Insulation Cotton
6 Roof Purlin
7 Color Steel Ceiling Plate
8 Floor Purlin
9 Glass Fiber Insulation Cotton
10 Cement Plate
11 Bottom Sealing Steel Plate
12 Rubber Floor
13 Ground Corner
14 Bottom Beam
15 Wall Plate
 Modern Design Prefab Modular

The main structure adopts cold-formed thin-walled profiles; The integrated top frame and bottom frame are connected to the column by bolts to form a box unit; The enclosure system is a 75mm metal sandwich panel; Modular units can be shipped in packs or full cases.

Product Details

Customized Modular Home
Customized Modular Home

Product Picture

Customized Modular Home




Production Process

Customized Modular Home

Customized Product Process

Light steel structure house villa

Professional Design Ability

Our company develops a BIM collaboration platform based on "enterprise cloud", and the design is completed on the platform with "all staff, all majors, and the whole process". The construction process is carried out on our "fabricated intelligent construction platform" with independent intellectual property rights. The platform can realize the joint participation and collaborative management of all parties involved in the construction. Fully meet the "intelligent project management platform" requirements of integrated buildings. Completed the development of "Box House Design Generation Toolset Software" and obtained three software copyrights. The software functions are comprehensive and have high operating efficiency, including "4+1" main functions and 15 special functions. Through the software application, the difficulties of collaborative work in the links of design, production, order dismantling, and logistics have been solved, and the overall implementation efficiency and cross-departmental collaboration efficiency of the box-type housing project have been effectively improved.

The material database is established through the BIM model, combined with the comprehensive management platform, the material procurement plan is formulated according to the construction process and the progress of the project plan, and the material consumption types at each stage of the construction are quickly and accurately extracted, and the basic data support of the BIM model is used as the material procurement and management. Control basis. Material procurement, management and real-name management of workers are realized through the China Construction Cloud Construction online shopping and centralized procurement platform.

Light steel structure house villa

Manufacturing Capacity

Light Gauge Steel Prefab House


 Light steel structure products are prefabricated in advance, speeding up the production cycle, helping you to undertake projects faster and complete house construction.

Light Gauge Steel Prefab House
Light Gauge Steel Prefab House

It is a form of using advanced and applicable technology, craftsmanship and equipment to pre-manufacture various components of the building by professional factories before construction, and then transport them to the construction site for assembly. Repeated mass production in the factory is conducive to speeding up the construction progress, shortening the construction period, improving the efficiency and quality of the production of components, simplifying the construction site, and achieving civilized construction.

Packaging and Shipping

All accessories will be shipped in containers and the main frame will be shipped by sea. Shipping information includes regular product information, testing information required by customer orders, etc. Please consult customer service staff for details.





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